Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Use YOURSELF to INSPIRE yourself

Sometimes the best inspiration is YOURSELF.

Some people suggest pinning up photos all over your home of how you wish you looked to keep you focused on your health and fitness goals - something kinda like this:
I wish.
 OR this:


But let's be honest - if you were paid lots of money to model, or be filmed on TV or in movies, you would probably have some ex$tra incentives to eat a (very) healthy diet and work out consistently too. BUT we're not paid the big bucks to bring sexy back (well, most of us at least), so striving to look like our friends in the photos above  - while not unattainable - may be a bit unrealistic.

Instead, how about striving to be the best version of yourself? Whether it is extra baby weight, a busy schedule that has kept you from the gym and healthy diet, or a general desire to get in shape (for summer maybe?), we all need a lot of motivation to get it done. And what better motivation than striving for something you know you've already achieved? It's a place you've been before, and know you can get back to.

With a vigorous workout schedule and a generally healthy diet, sometimes it is easy for one to plateau, get into a little slump, or lose sight of their goals. So, when this starts to happen to me, I look at a photo like this:

Me in the gym, working hard and getting it done!
This reminds me what I'm capable of - and even though this might not be what I'm striving for now, if I can get to this, then I can get anywhere in-between.

So instead of looking at photos of over-paid and under-fed famous people, find photos of yourself when you felt good - healthy, in-shape, fit, happy, whatever - and strive for that!

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  1. Get it girl - you always inspire me! But I totally agree, WE are our OWN best inspiration. Keep it up!